Self: Connecting Credit-Building With Savings

Monday, June 5, 2023

“We know the combination of [credit and savings] can help [our customers] ultimately achieve the long-term goals they’re trying to set out for.”

 Brett Billick, Chief Marketing Officer, Self

How This Fintech Helps Build Both Credit and Savings

Many people who struggle to build their credit score also lack a clear path to savings. Self set out to serve those consumers through financial technology that allows people to build credit and contribute to savings at the same time. 

Through BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative (ESI), Self developed new messaging that put savings at its core. The fintech’s “Build Credit. Build Savings.” message connected credit building with savings habits, helping its customers build financial health for the long term.

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The 2022 Impact Report

Self is one of more than 30 organizations that have joined forces with ESI, ultimately helping millions of people gain access to emergency savings. Read the full report to explore key milestones, learnings, and emerging areas for innovation.